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Wrapped in Memories

Want a handmade item that's bound to keep you warm for years to come? Dianne's quilts are special and make for great gifts. Whether you're wanting a patchwork quilt to have during the cold winter nights or a T-shirt quilt to preserve the memories, she can create whatever you desire! So don't settle for a simple blanket from the store or stash away those T-shirts in storage.

Let Dianne create a one-of-a-kind quilt that you'll love. Dianne also repairs vintage quilts to either continue to use or she will conserve them for posterity. Pricing will be quoted when custom quilt is ordered.

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T-Shirt Quilt

Have a lot of your child's old T-shirts on your hands that have sentimental value but they just can't wear anymore? Don't get rid of them--a T-shirt quilt is your solution! Dianne can create a warm, cozy T-shirt quilt that will allow you to keep the memories without taking up all of that closet space. These T-shirt quilts can serve as a great way to preserve those mementos and give them a new use. These quilts also provide a great conversation starter for your guests. Let Dianne create a one-of-a-kind quilt out of your beloved T-shirts!

Prices are for labor only; additional charges will be applied to cover the cost of ribbon, satin binding, batting, and backing.

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These sizes are approximate.
  • Baby Crib Size (45" X 60") $250.00
  • Lap Size (50" X 65") $350.00
  • Twin Size (72" X 90") $425.00
  • Full Size (90" X 96") $500.00
  • Queen Size (90" X 106") $650.00
  • King Size (120" X 124") $800.00

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