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Wedding Gown Make Overs

At A Fitting Creation, Dianne understands that looking your best on your big day starts with the dress. With more than 30 years of experience behind the sewing machine, Dianne is capable of transforming an ill-fitting wedding gown into your dream dress. When you arrive for your consultation, the first question she asks the bride is "What do you think it needs?" Based on the bride's response, Dianne is able to cater to your needs when you need them.

From a simple hem to incorporating your mother's dress into your gown, Dianne is ready to handle your alteration needs with the level of care and dexterity your wedding gown deserves.

Dianne also creates custom wedding gowns also! So if you have an idea, Dianne can design your dream wedding gown from scratch.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

Dianne is doing an absolutely amazing job with my couture dress that was designed by me and created by her. I can't wait to see my Groom's face when he sees me in it for the first time In July!!!
Rose Frappelatte Mulvehill in -, IN

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Fairy Godmother Service

Worried that the unthinkable could happen to your dress and something rips or tears when wedding bells are ringing? With Dianne a/k/a "The Fairy Godmother" at your side, you'll be worry-free as you prepare to say "I do!" looking like a princess! This service involves Dianne herself showing up at your wedding at least two hours early before you have any pictures taken with her sewing machine, iron, steamer, and her "bag of tricks."

She will double-check the hems, ensure the little details are adhered properly, and the zipper functions without a hitch. Dianne also steams your wedding dress so you will look your best on your big day! And just before you're about to walk down the aisle, POOF! She's gone like that, leaving you, the happy bride, to enjoy your wedding day. Brides love this idea, so request Dianne to be your "Fairy Godmother" on your big day!

Custom Wedding Gowns

Want to wear something completely unique when you walk down the aisle? With Dianne's sewing experience, she's able to create anything you can dream of! Whether you've envisioned yourself in a traditional white wedding gown or a dazzling gown to match your medieval wedding theme, Dianne can design a one-of-a-kind dress that's completely you own.

Let your personality and beauty shine through a dress that was made exclusively for you! From the first sketch to the final fitting, Dianne can create your dream wedding gown based on your wishes and needs. Schedule your consultation with Dianne today and see how she can bring your dream gown to life!

Remade Gowns

If you are considering wearing a vintage gown, discuss your options with Dianne. You may be able to use the skirt and train and a new bodice or alter the gown to wear as Mom did! The gown may have come from a relative, but talk it over and make it your own!

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