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Diane did such a great job with me and my dress! I jad a strapless dress and I wanted to add off the shoulder sleeves. Dianne told me she would make it happen since the beggining and she did!!! My sleeves were beautiful. In addition to the sleeves my dress was Big on me and Diane also did a fabulous job ensuring the dress was as fit as I wanted it. First class service!!
Wedding: 06/14/2015
WOW!! I don't even know where to begin. I found this wonderful service at a local bridal show and I'm very grateful I did.
When I went to my first appointment I was a little worried because her home is so far from Indianapolis. This wasn't a quick trip down the road (but still worth it). The shop is located behind Dianne's home and perfect. She helped me with my dress and we quickly went through all of my alterations needs. The services were exactly as I expected and the price was right.
A few weeks later my FMIL (currently MIL now) realized that she wanted a small bolero jacket to go with her dress and I suggested Dianne. Dianne was able to make her the cutest jacket that fit her style and the style of the wedding perfectly. Dianne even offered to make my wedding veil when I expressed my frustrations with pricing and options.
The icing on the cake though was the Fairy Godmother Service. Dianne and her assistant came to the venue and brought my dress and a few of the bridesmaid's dresses. She steamed everyone's dresses, made sure we all got into them with out messing up our hair or makeup. Overall, Dianne made sure everyone in the wedding party looked good. A few people needed double sided tape or static guard and Dianne came to the rescue with her bag of goodies. She even made sure all the groomsmen had their lapel pins at the same height and that their pocket squares were folded the same.
Her services were truly a Godsend.
Wedding: 03/27/2015
There aren't enough words to describe the wonderfulness that is Diane. Her talents with a needle and thread are surpassed only by her genuineness and welcoming disposition. God has blessed her with richness of character, an unbridled passion for her work, an impeccable eye for design, creativity, and the hands and skills of an angel, and even that is an understatement. She can handle any mending, alteration, or project you can think of.... I couldn't be happier with her work on my wedding dress. Call Diane NOW - you won't regret it!!!!!!
Dianne is absolutely Amazing. She treats her brides with compassion and respect. She makes sure its done the way you want it. Even though I have only met with her a handful of times, when I walked in for my final dress fitting I wasn't feeling great and she noticed within a couple steps of being inside the door. She was so concerned and gave me a hug that put a smile :) on my face. You can't find that kind of love these days. She is truly amazing!
Dianne is the best! She is not only professional but everything so always on time and to order. Hurry up and schedule your first fitting with her while she still has time! The word is getting around.....she is the best!
I brought Dianne a pair of favorite of cargo shorts that needed a couple of repairs. Not only did I get them in an hour, they were like new... Plus, I was reunited with my go to pair of shorts for hiking and camping.
I genuinely looked forward to my appointments with Dianne, and so did my mother. She is delightful to be around and makes you feel like a special bride. Throughout the wedding process, I came across many people who, unfortunately, treated my wedding as if it was just another day at the office. But Dianne truly enjoys the work that she does and treats her brides with respect and the sensitivity sometimes needed during the wedding planning process. :) Dianne always made us smile.
Dianne is doing an absolutely amazing job with my couture dress that was designed by me and created by her. I can't wait to see my Groom's face when he sees me in it for the first time In July!!!
Dianne did an amazing job altering my wedding gown. My dress was a trumpet-style dress, form fitting through the hip area. When I initially tried my dress on, after it had shipped, it was too big through the hip area and didn’t show off the trumpet-like style of the dress. I took my dress in to Dianne, told her my concerns about the fit, and she completely fixed it! She had to work a lot of magic redesigning the dress…and it turned out beatifully. (Did I mention that the dress was all lace, too???) She did an excellent job sewing and got the work done promptly, too. The dress just looked great on the day of the wedding…and I owe it to Dianne. Oh, she also altered my rehearsal dinner dress last minute and did a great job with it, too.

But aside from the beautiful and reliable alteration work she did…I must mention the overall experience of working with Dianne. She is one of the most positive people I know and does everything she can to just “make it work.” After I met her, I knew that my d
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